Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Long Island's music community steps up to help out after Sandy

Rather than sitting here just thinking about how great it's been to see so many of Long Island's bands and solo artists stepping up to the plate with numerous benefit concerts and charitable activities aimed at helping those on Long Island who were the most severely affected by the onslaught of Sandy (residents of the devasted Barrier Islands from the areas of Atlantic Beach, Lido Beach, and Long Beach, and points East to Lindenhurst, Massapequa, and so many other places) I would put it out there in words ...

What I see happening throughout Long Island's music community is a common instinct to work together and help others in their times of need: By addressing this serious issue through the numerous benefit concerts and charitable activities already mentioned, Long Island's music community is comprised of true community leaders.

The efforts of artist extraordinaire Ed Ryan and his wife Rain are one shining example, the upcoming concerts headlined by Taking Back Sunday with supporting band Bayside are yet another ... and if I were to list the others I've learned about thus far, I'd be going on for quite a while. That, esteemed reader, I leave up to your curiosity and interest.

Bravo to all involved!!

-Roy Abrams
 Long Island, NY

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